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Sarva Dharma (All Great Truths) is dedicated to serving spiritual communities with the best in Sacred World Music Concerts, Workshops, Seminars, Lectures and Transformational Festivals.

Our collective mission is to attune mass consciousness to a Higher Harmonic Vibration through producing the Very Best Sacred Theater, Music and Education the World Stage has to offer. 
Sarva Dharma has showcased to audiences much of the music and enlightainment that has grown out of the west coast Yoga, Rasta, Rainbow, Burner, New Age movements and other
​Sacred Cultures from around the World for nearly two decades.
Sarva Dharma Productions can provide your next event with sacred ambiance, multi media audio/visual affects, premium sound systems & tech support, lighting, staging, booking, promotions, security, entertainment, food catering and more.
​All inquiries email Kennedy @ kennedy.sarvadharma@gmail.com

Sarva Dharma Productions provided
​production ​support for these 2012 Festivals:

​Tribute to the Reggae Legends - San Diego, Ca. - Feb
Multi Cultural Earth Day - San Diego, Ca. - April
​​Lucidity Festival - Santa Barbara, Ca. - April
Shakti Fest - Joshua Tree, Ca.​ - May
One Love Fest - Los Angeles, Ca. - June
​Heart Bliss Kiss - Healdsberg, Ca. - June
​Journey Home - Middletown​​​, Ca. - June
Enchanted Forrest - Mendocino, Ca.​ - July
Mystic Garden - Lake Selmac, Ore - July
Burning Man - Sacred Spaces Village BRC NV. - August
Bhakti Fest - Joshua Tree, Ca. - September
Whole Being Weekend - Idylwild, Ca. - September
Synthesis 2012 - Chichen Itza, Mex. - December​​​​​